ECCC 2013: The Dark Horse Superheroes Emerge


Dark Horse Comics long ago distinguished itself as the home of non-capes comics, but in 2013, they're embracing them with Ghost, X, Captain Midnight and more in new series as the publisher explores the pulps and modern supes throughout the year. Plus, more new characters will be introduced in "Dark Horse Presents" throughout 2013.

Find out what the publisher has in store for superhero fans in this recap of their Emerald City Comic-Con panel.

"She's a true hero" explains "Ghost" writer Kelly Sue DeConnick during the Dark Horse Comics ECCC panel on their line of superheroes comics. The character, who's getting a new #1 later this year, is a crusading journalist killed while investigating corruption in Chicago (a location chosen for the history and personality of the port, with the influences of fictional towns like Opal City working their way in). She returns from the grave, out for revenge.

Explaining the character's origins and personality in the new series, Deconnick says that she based slain Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, whose unsolved murder has long been thought to have stemmed from her investigations into corruption in the Russian government.

"Ghost" will be out sometime later this year.

Talking about "X," he's a pretty simple character: if you commit one crime in the city of Arcadia, he'll give you an X-shaped slash on your face. A second strike, and you're out. "Cable" writer Duane Swierczynski in a straightforward pulp tale. "X" will be returning in May.


"Captain Midnight" follows a superhero from the 40's who returns in the present-day to find himself disappointed in the way the world has turned out and all of the other heroes are gone. Described as judgmental and kind of a jerk, he's unhappy to find that the future didn't have the jetpack he was promised. The resurrected pulp hero has set up a long-term chess game, only to discover that the present is way more conspiracy-driven than he expected. The character is deeply rooted in classic superhero history, a hit during the radio serial era and one-time spokesman for Ovaltine (remember the decoder ring bit from "A Christmas Story"--"Captain Midnight" was the origin of that promotional scheme).

"Captain Midnight" is on the way in July.

"Captain Midnight," "X," and "Ghost" will all be receiving variant covers by Paolo Rivera.

"Blackout" was introduced in "Dark Horse Presents," and offers the publisher a more down-to-earth character for their line. His power allows him to black out and enter a dark dimension and was based on a design by Mike Richardson. The character, his suit, and who he becomes to be will all be crucial plot points to the series.

Another pulp getting resurrected is "Brain Boy" who will make his debut this summer in "DHP." With art by Fred Van Lente and Freddie Williams III, the character is able to control minds and various nefarious powers want to control him. Another modern-style book is "The Answer," which is out now and features a mild-mannered librarian who answers a website looking for expert puzzle solvers. She's drawn into a strange conspiracy alongside the titular superhero. "The Answer" was created by Dennis Hopeless along with artist Mike Norton.

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