The Vampire Diaries: What You've Been Missing

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Well, we only have a handful of episodes before the "Vampire Diaries" finale. Here's a recap of everything that's happened so far this season, so you can get yourself prepared. And if you haven't caught up with all the eps yet and don't want to be spoiled...beware!

So it finally happened. Elena is now a vampire and in the first half of the season, she wasn’t used to it. Who would be? It’s not easy going from a well-balanced diet to one that makes you yearn for blood. Well, that’s the first thing that goes wrong for poor Elena; she just can’t seem to keep blood down. It doesn’t matter if it’s Damon’s, who’s letting her feast off him, or animals. She just can’t handle the change.


Elena: Not Happy.

Speaking of Damon, the love triangle continues between him, his brother Stefan and Elena. It’s been back and forth for years, so it’s expected. Now we’re at the point where Elena wants to be with Damon. Stefan can’t handle it and can’t even stay in the same house as his brother. The whole time everyone thinks Elena is just sired to Damon. Sired or not, Elena tells Damon she wants to be with him. And it’s obvious that she had feelings for him before she became a vampire.

Other than those three, a supernatural investigator comes into town named Connor Jordon. After Jeremy notices a weird tattoo on Connor’s arm (only he can see it), they learn that Connor is actually part of The Five, a clan of vampire hunters from 900 years ago. Connor ends up kidnapping April to use her blood as bait. Poor April, she doesn’t know a thing about vampires of hunters, and she’s stuck in the crossfire. Things work out for April when Elena tries to attack Connor, but is stopped by Caroline.

Turns out that Rebekah dated the leader of The Five, Alexander -- and knows that they need his sword to decode those tattoos. She of course knows where it’s buried.

The Rager

Jeremy and Connor

Back to Elena and Connor: she kills him. Bad move: because as Stefan learned, he could’ve been the clue to the cure for vampirism. Elena goes crazy, and Klaus tells everyone that it’s a curse and that the only way it can be broken is if another hunter kills so that they can take on the power. Spoiler alert; Jeremy could see the tattoo, because he’s a hunter. Since he’s a hunter, Klaus makes some hybrids for Jeremy to kill.

Let’s get back to the whole “cure for vampirism.” It sounded like an amazing gift, but then when it’s found out that there’d only be enough for one person, that changes the way everyone is playing the game. See Rebekah wants the cure for Klaus, Damon and Stefan wanted it for Elena, Stefan tells Elena he wants to be human...and then there’s Klaus, out for himself.

The turning point for this season is when Jeremy is killed by Silas. Matt and Elena take this hard. Jeremy seemed to be the last ounce of humanity that Elena had. Now that it’s gone, Elena might spiral downward, never making it back.


Klaus and Caroline

So that’s where we’re at: it’s about to hit the fan in terms of this “cure.” Damon and Stefan are at odds on a personal level, but are keeping it together for Elena. Elena is looking and acting more like Damon with the death of her brother; there’s a dark gleam in her eye. Klaus seems to be up to no good. And then there’s Silas...this guy heads back to Mystic Falls disguised as Shane with the group.

What's going to happen next? We'll find out March 14th!

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