Ultra-Camp 'Manborg' Is On The Way To Fight Count Draculon

The Dark Sky Films release is on the way to theaters and DVD in April mankind's last hope against the end of days with his Australian biker punk buddy, a girl with a knife, and an old man who knows Kung fu.

When the forces of Hell come knocking, it'll take a technologically-enhanced soldier brought back from the dead to face them in this film from jack-of-all-trades filmmaker Steven Kostanski.

Kostanski, who's served as makeup artist for "Silent Hill" and most recently, del Toro's "Pacific Rim," is a quadruple threat with "Manborg," writing, directing, editing, and providing the makeup effects for this post-apocalyptic feature. He's directed a handful of shorts, but the shot against green screen "Manborg" and the 80's-style revenge flick "Father's Day" represent his jump to feature filmmaking.

If "Iron Sky" (and any number of intentionally low-grade spoofs) taught us one thing, it's that there's a fine line to be tread with this kind of material: go too silly with it, and you're making viewers suffer through a series of vignettes--too tight, then you're making a "real" movie that's just joyless to watch.


Kostanski was joined on this journey by his "Lazer Ghosts 2" star Matthew Kennedy, who plays the title character, along with Conor Sweeney, "Father's Day" actress Meredith Sweeney," and "Dragonball Z" voice actor Kyle Herbert who'll be dubbing martial artist #1 Man (played by Ludwig Lee in the film).

Dark Sky Films is releasing "Manborg" on DVD and in select theaters on April 30, so if you like the joke they're running with here, you should check it out.

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