The Daily Geek: It's 'Adventure Wars,' Gary Oldman Is In 'Apes,' And More!

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- MASH-UP! "Adventure Time" meets "Star Wars" by Joe Hogan.


- GORDON HATES THOSE APES! Gary Oldman is the next human to do battle during the "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes."

- JUST DELAYING THE INEVITABLE! Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtles" isn't coming until June 6, 2014.

- WIN JAMES BOND BOOKS! Topless Robot is having a giveaway, a bond giveaway.

They say:

Tell me who you'd cast as Bond, M, Q, the villain and the primary female lead. Give your movie a Bondian sounding title, and tell me what the villain's evil scheme is. For extra credit, cite at least one quippy one-liner Bond would say in it.

Head over to Topless robot to enter!

- SOUNDTRACK OF SALEM! Rob Zombie says the tunes from his new movie are coming in April.

- DO YOU REALLY BEND INTO A 2? Here are 7 things you didn't know about exorcisms.

- R.I.P. FILM! Was this year's Oscars the last for celluloid?

- SWALLOW THIS ART! This is some killer "Evil Dead" art by Rick Melton!


HAPPY FRIDAY! Here's Crispin Glover sitting on a chair...the wrong way!


'Til Monday, gang!