How To Build Your Dragon: Getting Down With 'Masters of the Universe' Classics Granamyr


 Story and Photos by Zack Smith

What is the best part of my job? Getting to review a toy as awesomely awesome as this huge Masters of the Universe  Granamyr dragon!

When a big couple of boxes of exclusives from the last few months showed up on my doorstep, it was my sacred duty to test these for you, and take a bunch of photos of the experience.

For the main focus of this, I’m going to go with the biggest and best figure Mattel sent me…


...Granamyr the Dragon! This giant character is a fan-favorite from his appearances in the 1980s – his dry, utterly disdainful interactions with He-Man made him unlike any other character on Eternia.

His initial episode, “The Dragon’s Gift” by writer Larry DiTillio, is considered one of the best episodes of the classic He-Man cartoon.   Hey, here’s the episode on Hulu!   “The Dragon’s Gift” was also adapted into the minicomics that came with the original action figures, where Granamyr (“Big G” as I like to call ‘im), was rendered by the great cartoonist Alfredo Alcala.

Well, let’s get Granamyr out of the box…


Gah! This must be karma knocking for all those G.I. Joe toys I made Dad assemble in the 1980s!

Now, there have been some complaints by fans about the problems assembling Granamyr. Some have reported trouble with parts, joints, and scratches made while trying to fit the pieces together. Hunter Knight Customs recently posted a video about how to easily fix these problems.

The box has some sweet art by Rudy Obrero, the legendary illustrator who did the art for MOTU vehicle packages in the 1980s to distract kids from the pile of unassembled plastic inside.


His great, evocative work was hugely influential, and he’s done some new things recently like the art to the package for the custom Manta Raider figure stand.


Here is what Granamyr is supposed to look like fully assembled. Can I pull this off?


Oh lord, here’s the pile of dragon-parts to assemble. Eternia help me!


Okay, first step complete: Granamyr’s head is squeezed onto his neck. Not too bad. A little pushing, but no scratches or anything.


Getting the wings in was a mite tricky. The one on the left side of this photo went in pretty quickly, but the right one required some pressure before it was in a state where I could move it without it popping out. At least three things I said in this description could be taken out of context.


Okay, Granamyr’s dragon-belly! Let’s get to the tricky part. I like the sculpted-in warts and scratches in this, really creates the feel of an ancient dragon, albeit one with a biker-gang helmet.


And now the head and neck with wings are attached to the torso! For this, I took it slow and made sure the peg and hole lined up. Again, there’s been some trouble with this for some fans who’ve gotten a Granamyr, so be sure to reference that video before you get to work.


The arms and legs were no problem for me, but Granamyr's tail is very tricky to plug in.  I was able to do it after lining up the peg with the hole carefully, but you might want to use a hair dryer on the hole to temporarily soften the PVC plastic, as seen in the video.


And here’s Granamyr fully assembled! I balanced his tail on my wireless router so you could see how massive he is standing up (he fell over again once this picture was taken).  I left this photo at maximum size so you can get a sense of how huge he is.


“Yo, I’m Sir Laser-Lot, and as a knight, it’s my duty to slay dragons!”


“Who cares? YOU SUCK!”


And here’s Granamyr in his basic Big Pimpin’ Dragon mode. Successfully assembled!


Another figure I was sent was Procrustus, a four-armed stone giant from another of the original mini-comics. I like his resemblance to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man illustration and  the rocky, smoothed-over texture the Four Horsemen gave him, along with the extra-poseable four arms.

He and Granamyr are high-fiving each other here, because they are Draego-Bros.


Also, if you pop off Procrustus' head, you can pretend he's Zardoz or possibly Garrett Bobby Ferguson! ...why do I suddenly find myself unable to recall the touch of a woman?

And that’s the end of my look at these – this was a lot of fun, and I hope it proved informative, or at least a source of cheap jokes. These toys are currently sold out at, but might be available again later this year, and can still be found on the secondary market.

We’ll be sure to bring you news of the new Masters of the Universe Classics and other MattyCollector figures …and check out MattyCollector's new sale this Friday, which includes DC's Elongated Man, Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan, and the Masters of the Universe Classics figures Fang Man, King He-Man and Strobo available for Club Eternia subscribers...which I am not.  Drat.

What figures would you most like to see coming up from Matty Collector? Let us know and maybe they’ll hear you!