ECCC 2013: What To See, What To Do


It might be a little damp this weekend in downtown Seattle, but if you're headed here for the weekend for Emerald City Comic-Con, you might be too busy having fun on the show floor to notice.

This will be my second trip to ECCC, so let's look at some of the cool things going on this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center.

Get out on the floor...

If you've been to other cons and this is your first ECCC, what will probably surprise you is how easy it is to navigate the show floor. While it's by no means a small con, it is a smaller convention, attracting fans from all over the Pacific Northwest. Lacking the sideshows of major film and television announcements (or 30 foot displays for the next big comic book film on the show floor), it's a smaller set of fans getting to know their favorite creators and one another.

Snap some cosplay photos (with the cosplayer's permission, of course), stroll up to one of the publisher booths and see what kind of swag they have on offer (or maybe even buy some books), and explore the small press booths to show some love to up and coming creators.


DC, Image, Archaia, Dark Horse, Oni, and more will be there (Marvel won't have a booth), so head over and see what they've got to show for themselves, or hang out and meet one of the creators who might be stopping by the booth.

In terms of panels, you might want to check out Dark Horse Superheroes (Friday, 3:10), DC New 52 (Saturday, 3:10), Marvel's Next Big Thing (Sunday, 2:10), or Monkeybrain Comics' ECCC debut (Sunday, 2:00). Keep in mind, these will be more state of the industry/company-type panels with updates on your favorite creators and and characters. Still, that doesn't mean that the occasional big announcement might not slip through.


The breadth and depth of cosplay at ECCC is impressive so keep your camera ready. Thank some of those cosplayers who dragged their elaborate costumes and accessories through the damp Seattle weather to the convention center with a compliment and a polite request for a photo.

And if you're looking to try your own hand at cosplay this year or next, Yaya Han will be sitting in on a Q&A Sunday at 11:00 AM with some tips and tricks on how to make your own costume for the next big con.


There's a huge tabletop gaming community up here, so expect to see them in full force throughout the weekend. HeroClix and Magic tournaments will be running throughout the weekend alongside plenty of opportunities for casual play. Plus celebrities like Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day will be out on the floor and I want one of you to challenge Wil Wheaton to a Magic game.

On the electronic gaming side of things, this year is pretty quiet although Dorky's Arcade will be sponsoring a game room, ElecTRONica Arcade Party on Friday and Saturday, featuring electronic music and some new game releases like "Halo 4."

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Sir Patrick Stewart will be there, signing all manner of things, and there's a costume party on Saturday night. So what do you plan to do this weekend?

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