Poster Alert: Horror-Comedy 'Milo' Features Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, And A Tiny Demon


THR revealed the first poster for the Jacob Vaughan-directed horror-comedy "Milo," which will be making its premiere at South by Southwest next month, uniting "Party Down" and "The State" star Ken Marino with "Community's" Gillian Jacobs. And Peter Stormare is probably going to be weird in it!

You can check out the full-sized poster after the jump.

The feature involves a troubled man who learns, through therapy, that all of his life's problems are caused by a tiny little demon living inside of him. Unfortunately, the wee guy gets loose and Marino's character will have to learn to befriend his deadly enemy if he wants it to stop going on a murderous rampage.

The rest of the cast is rock solid with Marino, Jacobs, and Stormare joined by Toby Huss, Stephen Root, and Patrick Warburton who'll be playing Marino's obnoxious boss.

The poster is by artist Mark Landry, a screenwriter who collaborated with director Jacob Vaughn on the image.

Marino, who stars on the Adult Swim series "Children's Hospital," is also theoretically working on that "Party Down" movie we've been hearing so much about.


[Source: THR]