'Lost Girl' Renewed For Fourth Season


Currently in its third season, the succubus series "Lost Girl" has been renewed by its overlord Showcase for a fourth.

For those unfamiliar, the Canadian-produced program is described as such:

Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo (Anna Silk), a tough yet loveable Succubus who feeds off sexual energy. After realizing she is one of the Fae creatures of legend and folklore who live among humans, Bo refuses to choose an allegiance to either the Dark or Light Fae clans, leading her on a personal path of discovery.

In its native country, "Lost Girl" is the number one scripted series on specialty channels, and ratings are on the rise. According to Executive Producer Jay Firestone, next season, "Bo's world is going to be turned upside down. Her beliefs will be challenged and her allegiances will be questioned. Fans can look forward to a roller coaster ride."

"Lost Girl" runs in The States Mondays at 10pm on Syfy. The next new episode airs March 4. No word on Syfy's plans for season 4 yet.

[Source: Showcase]