The 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Might Be Happening...As An Animated Movie?!


No, I don't mean a reboot of that beloved 1980s "Real Ghostbusters" cartoon -- I mean a genuine, honest-to-God Ghostbusters movie, with possibly the original cast reuniting to provide voicework.

A source exclusively told the site Bloody Disgusting that Sony might be considering the move as a "Plan Z," after many failed attempts to get a live-action flick going (and multiple "nos from Bill Murray). Though Murray has turned down (and strung along, and turned down again) the idea of doing a "Ghostbusters" sequel, he does seem quite open to providing his distinctive voice to movies, such as the "Garfield" series.

Further, Murray has already lent his voice to an animated version of Peter the acclaimed 2009 video game. And according to Bloody Disgusting, that game itself was originally going to be an animated "Ghostbusters" movie that Sony previously considered. So in a sense, we have come back full-circle. Maybe. If Murray doesn't flake out again and they have to hire Dave Coulier.

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