Kathy Bates To Be Gloriously Over The Top In Next Season Of 'American Horror Story'


Ryan Murphy, you had me merely curious about the third season of your insane/ridiculous FX series, but now you've added "Misery" star Kathy Bates to "American Horror Story?"

Well, now I'm committed.

Deadline reports that Bates, whose last big TV roles were as a sassy lawyer on "Harry's Law" and as the sassy new owner of Dunder-Mifflin on "The Office," will be joining the third season of "American Horror Story" along with returning cast members Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, and Taissa Farmiga.

Bates famously played super-fan Annie Wilkes in the 1990 Rob Reiner adaptation of Stephen King's "Misery," bringing to that role a terrific blend of physical and emotional menace for poor James Caan.

The prospect of the Oscar-winning Bates going head-to-head with effectively "AHS'" star Jessica Lange is too interesting to pass up, a potential brew of glorious on-screen acrimony from two actresses willing to throw themselves into their roles. Even as the show descends down its own nonsensical, non sequitur holes, "American Horror Story" is packed with big, rich performances, and adding Bates to that mix alongside Lange will only make the series more watchable.

Season three is set in the present-day, although whatever the framing device/location is has yet to be revealed.

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