Five Ways Robin Could Come Back To Life


Killing superheroes is big business -- but the buggers have an annoying habit of not staying dead! Could there be any "loophole" that Damian Wayne could find to escape the eternal dirt nap, as Jason Todd did before him?

Here's five ways I think it could go down:

1. Lazarus Pit


JLA jacuzzi night at the Lazarus Pit

To anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of the Batman universe, this is a no-brainer. Daiman's grand-dad is Ra's al Ghul, a villain who has a certain pit of rejuvenation that brings the dead to life. So this would be pretty simple, unless they like cut the boy's body up in a billion pieces and then burned the billion pieces and then scattered the ashes into the Grand Canyon.

2. Cloning


Never clone alone.

If Damian was killed by his hulking scary cloned many other Damians are loose in the DCU? Are they ensconced in test-tubes and jars in some dark laboratory? Is Damian even Batman's real son? And knowing how super-prepared Batman is about EVERYTHING, doesn't he have a sample of his son's DNA on ice somewhere? Cloning, like the Lazarus Pit, is a pretty easy "out."

3. Earth 2 Damian


Earth 2 Robin schools Regular Old Robin about his poor grasp of DCU continuity

Is there an Earth 2 "alternate universe" Damian scuttering about? Maybe his origin is totally different, but that'd be some sort of Damian, right? Right?

4. He's Not Really Dead


To quote Nelson from "The Simpsons": "Ha-Ha." And I'm pointing at you dudes who speculated and bought like 100 copies of "Batman Incorporated" #8. Wouldn't it make sense that Batman would "fake" Robin's death somehow, to get all those bad guys (and gal) off his trail? Maybe he could have used one of those aforementioned clones to do it. After the highly anti-climactic wrap-up to the "Death of the Family" event (which was as big a red herring as I think you can possibly get), don't be shocked if this happens.

5. Punching A Hole In Time Or Some Other Thing Like That


I share your frustration, Superboy-Prime

This is COMICS people! This is the publisher who had 52 different Earths. This is the publisher who had Superboy-Prime punch reality. That's right: punch Reality! This is stuff that not even Doctor Who has the stones to attempt!

So is Robin really dead?

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