'The Walking Dead': Can Poor Andrea Get It Together And Escape The Governor's Spell?


By Jorge Solis

A pivotal moment occurred during the latest episode of "The Walking Dead." In case you missed the repeat of "I Ain't A Judas," MTV Splashpage has it covered right here for you with this recap. The episode saw Andrea (Laurie Holden) in close proximity to The Governor (David Morrissey), with a knife in her hand, just about ready to murder him in cold blood.

Spoilers ahead!

This was a great sequence as it began with Beth (Emily Kinney) singing her a capella rendition of the Tom Waits song, "Hold On." As the scene transitioned from the prison to Woodbury, the real song jumped in when Andrea had the perfect chance to kill the Governor while he was asleep. Just when you thought Andrea was going to end it right there, she choked under pressure.


So the question on everybody's mind is, why didn't Andrea kill the Governor? The moment of truth could have hit Andrea a she arrived at the prison to make peace between Rick and The Governor. When Andrea got there, she must have realized these people aren't the friends she once remembered. They have all changed, grown harder and tougher; they moved on without her. Andrea saw the stone-cold look on Carl's face when she mentioned his mother. TV viewers must have been asking themselves, "How long has she been gone?" when Andrea asked about Shane, who has been dead since last season. The sad fact is, she doesn't belong with them anymore.

When season three first started, audiences saw Andrea at her weakest and most vulnerable.  Deserted by her traveling companions, she was  left to die in the walker-infested woods. Even after Michonne (Danai Gurira) rescued her, Andrea could barely keep it together during the winter season. Since their time apart, Woodbury changed Andrea just as the prison changed Rick and his crew.


Adding salt to the wound, Michonne wanted Andrea to feel her pain during their uncomfortable good-bye. Andrea could've listened to Michonne when she warned him about the Governor. She could've left Woodbury with her after discovering the collection of decapitated heads in the Governor's private room. As Michonne puts it, Andrea is under the Governor's spell and she can't get out of it. The Governor has a tight hold on her and he's not letting go anytime soon.

Because Andrea couldn't get the job done, things are only going to get worse for Rick and his ragtag team. They are outnumbered and outgunned by the Governor, who is building an army against them. The Governor isn't going to hold back as he takes down the prison and slaughters everyone inside. There might not be any more room for survivors in "The Walking Dead."

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