'The Sixth Gun' TV Pilot Has Cast General Hume And Becky

general-hume As reported on MTV Splash Page, Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's "The Sixth Gun" has its General Hume: "Deadwood" veteran W. Earl Brown will be the bloodthirsty Confederate general seeking to unite the six mystical weapons. Brown played "Dirty" Dan Dority in "Deadwood," murderous henchman to pimp and bar owner Al Swearengen throughout that show's three seasons. Brown's played many heavies but not the heavy, so NBC's pilot is a big jump for him.

Brown will be acting opposite Laura Ramsey's ("The Ruins)" Becky Montcrief, who comes into possession of the sixth and most powerful gun, and must escape the clutches of Hume and his band of killers.

As Hume's right-hand man in the adaptation of the Oni supernatural western, Graham McTavish has been cast as Silas Hedgepeth, whose fourth gun is in the service of his evil master. Plus, "Leverage' star Aldis Hodge is joining the cast as Agent Mercer, described by Deadline as a PI looking for the missing guns.

While I don't recall an Agent Mercer right offhand, Hodge's character could be one of the Pinkertons who have hooked up with General Hume to collect all six guns. Or maybe he's playing on the side of the angels, it's not clear.

[Source: Deadline]

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