Is Marvel's '52 Slashes' The First Salvo In A Comics Gang War?


That's right: I'm calling it.

I was primly counting the number of slashies in Marvel's "Count To Always Deliver" teaser image this morning only to discover that there were 52 of said slashies -- the same number as the backbone of their Distinguished Competition's publishing program. Did Marvel just publicly diss DC? Seems like it. Which, in my mind, only leads to one question:

What's DC gonna do about it?

Shouldn't DC now put out a teaser of their own, perhaps finding something about Marvel to diss? How 'bout this:


I think this "rebuttal" would be quite simple and effective, though admittedly not as clever as the "52 Slashies."

Then what would Marvel do next? Might they forgo the teasers altogether and perhaps print up a "Hey, Here Are 52 Reasons Why DC's Comics are Whack" giveaway booklet for comic stores? And then possibly DC could do a parody of "The Avengers" called "The Schmevengers," done in the style of Marvel's infamous "Smallville" parody "Marville."

I'm sure there are better disses here than what I am coming up with in this post -- after all, I am not a professional comic book gang war strategist (though I can write up some really rad spin on short deadlines).

Point is: I think it would be really great for Comics if Marvel and DC got into a public shoving match, building the rivalry to Kaufman vs. Lawler proportions and bringing attention to the comic book industry as a whole. After all, what are the Yankees without the Mets? Where would "American Idol" be without Nicki feuding with Mariah? Without the Cold War, there would have been no "Rocky IV." Do you know what I'm saying here?

No. Rocky. IV. Think about it.

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