Meet Ray Spray, The Occupy-themed Garbage Pail Kid

ray-spray-cardLast fall we revealed the return of the Garbage Pail Kids, the 80's gross-out card series from Topps, which have since been making their way to your local convenience and Dollar Stores.

A Slate contributor recently came across a new pack Marin City, and among the trash-flinging "Steve Rotters" and taffy-like "Tug of Warren" was "Ray Spray," a character based on overzealous police officer/Occupy goblin John Pike. Ray, however, directs his spray can at an unwitting teddy which is somehow even worse.

Pike, who notoriously group pepper-sprayed U.C. Davis students in the midst of a peaceful protest, isn't the first political target of The Garbage Pail Kids, joining the gun and Bible-toting "Sarah Cuda" based on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and "Rappin' Ron" based on Ronald Reagan.

[Source: Slate]