The Daily Geek: Professor X Is The Crow, Carrie’s Getting Even, And More

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I’M DEAD, AND I MOVED…ALSO I’M PROFESSOR X Is James McAvoy starring in “The Crow” reboot?

RED SONJA! Big sale over at ComiXology on “Red Sonja” comics.

PYUN! Celebrate the films of the underrated director with a triple feature of the “Cyborg Director’s Cut,” “Nemesis,” and “Road to Hell.” Details here.

DR. TERRIBLE’S HOUSE OF HORRIBLE! What are the 11 nerdiest but forgotten anthology shows?

LONG LIVE OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS! WeLoveFine is holding a design contest asking artists to design a shirt that best reflects a “Robot Uprising.” You have between today, Feb 26 and April 2 to enter. More details here.

THEY’RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU! Here’s a new image from the “Carrie” remake. Why are they only marketing the climax of the film?

IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? Guillermo del Toro updates the “Justice League Dark” movie.

GUILTY PLEASURE NO MORE! Upload those embarassing mp3’s into the “MP3 Brutalizer” and see them transformed into badass tunes.

Taking a day off tomorrow. See you Thursday!

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