The Daily Geek: Professor X Is The Crow, Carrie's Getting Even, And More

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- I'M DEAD, AND I MOVED...ALSO I'M PROFESSOR X Is James McAvoy starring in "The Crow" reboot?


- RED SONJA! Big sale over at ComiXology on "Red Sonja" comics.


- PYUN! Celebrate the films of the underrated director with a triple feature of the "Cyborg Director's Cut," "Nemesis," and "Road to Hell." Details here.


- DR. TERRIBLE'S HOUSE OF HORRIBLE! What are the 11 nerdiest but forgotten anthology shows?

- LONG LIVE OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS! WeLoveFine is holding a design contest asking artists to design a shirt that best reflects a "Robot Uprising." You have between today, Feb 26 and April 2 to enter. More details here.


- THEY'RE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU! Here's a new image from the "Carrie" remake. Why are they only marketing the climax of the film?


- IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? Guillermo del Toro updates the "Justice League Dark" movie.

- GUILTY PLEASURE NO MORE! Upload those embarassing mp3's into the "MP3 Brutalizer" and see them transformed into badass tunes.


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