'Presidential Monsters' Toys Features President Obama As Dracula


By Zack Smith

Scream, Baracula, Scream!

Gathering plenty of media attention – and sell-outs at several online toy vendors, are Heroes In Action Toys’ Presidential Monsters, a line in the style of the old Mego action dolls that reimagines a number of former Commanders-in-Chief (and one almost-president) as some of cinema’s most famous monsters. Before you ask – yes, it’s a mix of Democrats and Republicans.

The new line includes JFK as “The Phantom of the White House,” a lycanthrope Bill Clinton as “Wolf Bill,” a gilled Tricky Dick as “Monster from the Watergate Lagoon,” an undead Honest Abe as “Lincolnstein” (he’s all over the place these days, Abe is), and a bandaged, dessicated Mitt as “The Romny.”


Oh, and lest we forget – let never it be said that our current President doesn’t know how to bare his fangs as “Baracula.” This one’s proven super-popular, and can now only be ordered in sets of seven from Heroes In Action’s website.

Baracula will soon have an arch-nemesis – and no, fans of The Venture Brothers, it’s not Jefferson Twilight with “Van Palin,” one of many new Presidential Monsters seen on the official Facebook photostream. The puns get stretched pretty far with these new ones, such as the green-skinned, foil-clad “Martian Van Buren,” “Frankenford,” “Headless S. Grant,” “Yeti Roosevelt” and even a second stab at Mitt with “Romney the Robot.”


We see no figure for Jimmy Carter, though. Haven’t they watched The Simpsons? He’s history’s greatest monster!

Heroes in Action have been advertising these toys and previewing them at cons for a while, and it’s great to see that they’re now starting to get some serious attention. We’ll keep an eye out for what’s coming down the line – and to find out if President Obama has any thoughts on his vampiric counterpart. If he goes as “Baracula” for Halloween, you KNOW sales are going to go through the roof.

Are you planning to get any of the Presidential Monsters – and do you have any presidents (or almost-presidents) you’d like to see monster-ized? Let us know!

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