'Achewood' Animated Trailer Says 'Hello, World'

Achewood Television Trailer One "Hello, world" from therussians on Vimeo.

I’m flying to Los Angeles today to begin a week of network pitch meetings. If things go well, we’ll find a home for our show. Please cross your fingers for us, send us your good energy. And please, share this clip with your world. I’m very proud of what we’ve done.

That's "Achewood" creator Chris Onstad in yesterday's blog post, directing fans of the long-running webcomic to check out this animated clip based on the series.

Clocking in at just under 20 seconds, it's your first look at the "Achewood" cast in motion--doing things.

Onstad says that work on the animated "Achewood" has been in the works for a while, and if he's shopping it around, it sounds like he's got more than just a short clip to show for the series. Here's hoping we might see an animated "Achewood" over on Adult Swim or FX sometime in the next year.

The comic strip ((over at www.achewood.com) made its debut way back in 2001 with regular updates from the creator, which have been increasingly irregular over the years, with a brief hiatus back in 2011 and the last new strip making its debut back in June of 2012.


[Source: TheRussians]

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