IDW To Reprint, Publish New Comics Based On 'Powerpuff Girls,' 'Samurai Jack,' And More


Not content with grabbing young and old readers over at Boom! with books based on "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show," Cartoon Network is teaming up with IDW to mine their back catalog of animated programs for new series and reprints starting this year.

That's right: soon we'll have to explain "Johnny Bravo" to the kids.

The mix of comics specifically announced in this morning's press release has at least one current, long-running series ("Ben 10") alongside early aughts series like "Samurai Jack" and "Dexter's Laboratory." The announcement also teases some comics based on upcoming animated programming in the future.

As recently as 2011, DC Comics was publishing series based on Cartoon Network's output which makes sense seeing as how both companies are owned by Warner Brothers. That's where the reprint material will be coming from, likely from series like the 2000 "Powerpuff Girls" book and possibly some of the content from the "Cartoon Network Action Pack" and "Cartoon Network Block Party."

The title on this list that's most exciting though, is "Samurai Jack," Genndy Tartakovsky's four-season homage to Frank Miller's "Ronin," sci-fi, and trippy chanbara fiction. That show, which lasted for 52 episodes, saw its titular character propelled far into a strange future in pursuit of the powerful demon Aku and the comics medium seems like a great place for it.

As for specific creative teams, Cartoon Network says we can expect an official announcement on that front soon.