'Paperman' Producer Thrown Out Of Oscars For Having Fun


After winning the Academy Award for Best Animated short for the utterly charming "Paperman," producer Kristina Reed returned to her seat in the mezzanine and began tossing paper airplanes adorned with smooches over the edge of the balcony. For those of you who saw "Paperman" -- which played in theaters before "Wreck-It Ralph" -- it's a fun tribute to the romantic device in the film, and a charming gesture by an excited, celebratory creator.

But after tossing about 3 or 4 planes, security tossed Reed from the Dolby Theater. How dare she, am I right? I mean, doesn't she know that Hollywood is no place for impulsive creativity? The Oscars are the epitome of class and grace. Didn't she hear Seth McFarlane's song about actresses' boobs? Get it together, Reed!

Fortunately, after about ten minutes, Reed was allowed back into theater to enjoy the rest of the show. She was told that she could pick up her paper airplanes, and inspiration at the principal's office after the ceremony was over.

Watch "Paperman" in full right here:

[Source: THR]