The Daily Geek: Shatner Saves The Oscars And More!

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- OSCARS! So there was this award show last night. A bunch of people one some stuff. Here are the winners.


via MTV News

- BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY! Captain Kirk classed up the joint and clearly showed the show's producers that Shatner MUST host next year...and every year after that. Also, he slept during the ceremony, further cementing his already firmly-cemented legendary status.


- UH OH! The Onion called Quvenzhane Wallis a very bad word.

- AND! A bathroom at the Dolby Theatre flooded! And that's pretty much all that happened.

- PEPPER! Another day, another character poster from "Iron Man 3."


RIDDICK MEETS GAME OF THRONES? Vin Diesel naps in the Iron Throne.


- MOVIE THE MOVIE II! Jimmy Kimmel created a sequel to the greatest movie never made.

'Til tomorrow, gang!