Walking Dead Watch Out: Is Marvel Teasing A New Zombie Comic Book?

It’s just a black square with the words “Marvel OF THE DEAD” on it — with the requisite blood splatter — and the date “Fall 2013.” But what can it all possibly MEAN??!!

Well, the most likely guess is: another “Marvel Zombies” book. With “Walking Dead” never more popular than it is today, it would seem like a no-brainer — or, rather, an eat-brainer — to keep the Marvel franchise going. Plus: the Robert Kirkman connection!

But: I dunno, that just sounds too easy. Much more fun would be to see some well-known dead characters in the Marvel U. proper come back to life as the hidious undead. Or maybe have a popular living character go the undead route, freaking everybody out.

I guess we’ll see come back-to-school time, huh?

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