Here Is A Picture Of Demi Lovato As Batgirl

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Dubbed a "Batgirl homage" by publisher Bluewater Productions, there is a new cover to the comic book "Fame: Demi Lovato" that inexplicably features the teen star dressed as the famous superheroine. The "1st printing cover," illustrated by Jon Woodard, will be available exclusively on ITunes. For those fans of paper comics, a "2nd printing red cover" is offered on Comic Book Flea Market.

Perhaps expecting some sort of collective raised eyebrows reaction to the Lovato cover, Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis said in a press release:

"Bluewater continues to kill the comic book industry…is what I know people want to say. It is funny because I have so much respect for the medium. In reality we are giving parents common ground with these comic books. Comic readers can now share their hobby with their kids in using these books."


David also promises a Nicki Minaj "homage" cover in the near future. What superheroine will Minaj be? And how about Skrillex? Will Skrillex get an homage cover?

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