NYC Comics Auction Features Rare Batman, Watchmen, and Calvin and Hobbes Items


I don't know what is cooler about this three-day comic book event at Heritage Auctions this weekend -- the tons of awesome rare finds up for sale, or that amazing "Boom-Chicka-Wow-Wow" music playing during their promotion video. No seriously, listen:

Up for auction are such rare items as:

* An original "Calvin and Hobbes" strip

* Dave Gibbons "Watchmen" pages as well as the first three covers

* "Batman" #1 and "Detective Comics" #27

* Tons of original Jack Kirby stuff

* John Romita "Spider-Man" pages

and lots more.


The highest bids at the moment include a Romita "Amazing Spider-Man" cover for $225,000, Todd McFarlane "Amazing Spider-Man" cover at $60,000, and the cover to "Watchmen" #1 for $42,500.

This has all got me so excited I want to listen to that music again:

The Heritage Auctions event takes place February 21-23 in New York City