Mimoco Allows You To Store Your Digital Stuff In Washington's Head


In honor of President's Day, Mimoco added the two birthday boys to its always impressive MIMOBOT line of USB drives.

George Washington -- I think he was the first one -- is limited to 1,000 hand-numbered pieces, so if you want to jam Georgie-boy into the side of your Macbook, you better act fast.


Daniel Day Lewis is not limited, but is equally as impressive. Though I wonder why his head detaches as opposed to making the USB cap Lincoln's trusty top hat.


Each drive comes in either 16, 32, and 63 GB and both are loaded with wallpapers, avatars, and icons as part of Mimoco's "Mimory" files that they pack onto each little gadget.


You can get these and many other very cool USB drives at Mimoco's online shop.

[Source: Mimoco]