Do Geek Films Get Snubbed For Oscars? Steven Smith Investigates.


Stiffed for an award: E.T.

By Steven Smith

I loathe award shows. LOATHE them. And I’ve been to a couple. The key to keeping everyone happy is to open the bars -- but the best way to keeping everyone in their seats is to keep them closed. It’s tricky. Now having stated my loathing, I will say I end up watching the Oscars every year AND I end up getting disappointed every year. It’s long, no one ever gets to finish their speech, who cares who’s wearing what, blah blah BLAHHHH but what is really getting my nerd hackles in a twist is how this year’s Oscars are touting how the Avengers are all reuniting for the ceremony. LAME. Not as lame as referring to Robert Downey, Jr. as RDJ but still pretty darn lame. And their film, one of the highest grossing of all time is nominated for only ONE award.

Which brings to mind the question, why are there so few geek films ever nominated for Academy Awards. Are members of the Academy so haughty they would never sink to viewing a motion picture, nay, film, where someone wears a cape? THOR wears a cape. Boom. Yes, I know Heath Ledger won for the Joker and totally deserved it. Plus, "Return of the King" swept, but what about "Gandhi" beating "E.T."? When you think about it, they really are the same film. AREN’T THEY? And no, "Avatar" shouldn’t have won but "District 9", oh yes. Sidebar: Didn’t you think Sam Worthington’s avatar looked like Brendan Fraser? Seriously.


Joker: bringing home the Gold

I know the Oscars are for all films, just as the Grammys are for all types of music, and the Olympics are for all types of sports, I could go on, but with the speed at which San Diego Comic Con sold out (seriously? Nine minutes? Glad I’m working it.) You would think more flicks in the science fiction/fantasy genres would grace the list of nominees. I guess when you get right down to it, The Master is science fiction, I mean – do I need to delve there.

I guess the truest example of what I’m talking about is "Beasts of the Southern Wild". It is a shining piece of fantasy and yes, science fiction, right down to seeing a strange world through the eyes of a child. Having a sense of wonderment about what you’re seeing is what the movies are all about; which is why all of us nerds were so psyched to see "The Avengers". And now we will again, but they’ll be in suits and gowns. But if they’re cool enough they’ll all accessorize. You know what I’m talking about. Bring the hammer, Chris!


Steven Smith really could care less who wins an Academy Award but he is rooting for Seth McFarlane, his podcast Going Off Track features Matt Pryor from the Get Up Kids this week, and he will forever hate awards shows until he is nominated for one, then they are totally bad ass.

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