The Daily Geek: Megan Fox Is April O'Neil, Mandarin's Gotta Wear Shades, And More

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- APRIL IS A FOX! Meet your new April O'Neil!


- SO SINISTER! Topless Robot wants readers to "find a different way to refer to entertainment that highlights non-nerds embodying unflattering nerd stereotypes." The best phrase wins "Sinister" on Blu-ray! Enter here.


- COOL DUDE! Here's The Mandarin's character poster from "Iron Man 3." He's one happening cat.


- TALKING DOGS! Shane Acker will bring Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson's "Beasts of Burden" to the big screen.

- HACK THE PLANET! NBC and Zendesk were hacked!

- KI KI KI! Artist Patrick Carson Sparrow is doing 100 Monsters in 100 Days. Here's his Jason Vorhees.

jason_patrick sparrow

- STARTS GREAT, STAYS GREAT! Brad Bird explains why "Die Hard" is awesome.

- WATCH YOUR BACK, OKLAHOMA! The chupacabra is coming for your goats!

- HE SLIMED ME! Love this Peter Venkman by Chucky Cadaver.

venkman_by Chucky Cadaver

- HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend, gang!


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