The Daily Geek: Megan Fox Is April O’Neil, Mandarin’s Gotta Wear Shades, And More

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APRIL IS A FOX! Meet your new April O’Neil!

SO SINISTER! Topless Robot wants readers to “find a different way to refer to entertainment that highlights non-nerds embodying unflattering nerd stereotypes.” The best phrase wins “Sinister” on Blu-ray! Enter here.

COOL DUDE! Here’s The Mandarin’s character poster from “Iron Man 3.” He’s one happening cat.

TALKING DOGS! Shane Acker will bring Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson’s “Beasts of Burden” to the big screen.

HACK THE PLANET! NBC and Zendesk were hacked!

KI KI KI! Artist Patrick Carson Sparrow is doing 100 Monsters in 100 Days. Here’s his Jason Vorhees.

STARTS GREAT, STAYS GREAT! Brad Bird explains why “Die Hard” is awesome.

WATCH YOUR BACK, OKLAHOMA! The chupacabra is coming for your goats!

HE SLIMED ME! Love this Peter Venkman by Chucky Cadaver.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend, gang!