Cartoon Network's 'Ben 10' Feature Film Has A Writer


Writer Ryan Engle has come on board as the writer for the Cartoon Network-financed feature based on the five-year-old animated series, "Ben 10" according to THR.

Oh, and did you know there's going to be a movie based on "Rampage"? Because he's also responsible for the screenplay on that one.

Besides a short he wrote and produced back in 2000, Engle doesn't have a stack of credits, but it's not like he has to come in to invent the "Ben 10" universe from scratch--that's all on the show's creators at Man of Action Studios (it's not clear what involvement they'll have, if any, with the feature). Engle's the second writer to be brought onto the project after Albert Torres, who was one of the writers on the aborted "Akira" remake.

As for "Rampage," which completely escaped my radar, it's being put together at New Line Cinema although there's currently no director or other talent associated with the project. Engle was hired to write that script back in March of last year with New Line hoping to get the film off the ground as a kind of modestly-budgeted "Independence Day" based on the 80's arcade game.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]