'Doctor Who' Meets 'My Little Pony' In Funko's New 'Dr. Whooves' Figure



Take two of the most rabid fan bases in all the world, the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" legion of “Bronies” and the international "Doctor Who" devotees known as “Whovians,” mix ‘em together and what have you got? “Doctor Whooves.”

This is a thing that is happening.


The fusion of regenerating alien Time Lord and quasi-anthropomorphic “Cutie Mark”-ed equestrian will soon be available as a vinyl toy from Funko, and is already up for pre-order from Hot Topic for $16.50. Half of the assortment will wear a red tie, and half will wear a green tie, and one in 24 will be a “sparkly clear chase figure variant.”

If I seem a wee bit anxious on this, it’s because I enjoy "Doctor Who" but have been creeped out by “Bronies” since I read this Wired article about them (they also inspired a distressingly long Wikipedia entry). Simply put: As someone who’s already a hardcore fan of comics, toys, etc., there are a few rabbit holes I just can’t let myself go down, lest my finances and social life plummet further off a cliff.

I’ve also seen some fan art I can’t unsee.


Oh, why am I so worried? I’m nothing like those weirdos! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go bid on some "Adventure Time" variant cover comics and pre-order some "Adventure Time" plushes and PayPal some comic artists for "Adventure Time" art commissions after I finish writing my new "Adventure Time" comic pitch that is not fan-fiction, dammit.


So, how many of you are planning to pre-order Doctor Whooves? Let us know!