The Daily Geek: Playstation 4 Is Revealed, The Real 'Bob's Burgers,' And More

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- PS4! Sony revealed its new system, the Playstation 4!

- THE FUTURE OF HORROR! Help a pair of little horror hounds get to Monster Mania!

- THE BELCHERS? Here's Joey Werner's illustration of the actor's behind "Bob's Burgers"


- UM... So Topless Robot has a calendar that features action figures gettin' busay. NSFW-ish.

- ENDER AND PETRA! Here's a new still from "Ender's Game."

Enders-Game-ender and petra

- LEAVES EXPANDED MAY BE PREVAILING BLUE MIXED WITH YELLOW OF THE SAND! Listen to the haunting score for Shane Carruth's "Upstream Color"!

'Til tomorrow, gang!