Robert Englund, Malcolm McDowell Committed To The 'Sanitarium' In This New Trailer


Want to see a horror anthology with Robert Englund, Malcolm McDowell, and John Glover? "Sanitarium," a feature by the directing trio of Bryan Ortiz, Bryan Ramirez, and Kerry Valderrama have you covered then, with their upcoming feature which is set to make its debut at the Miami International Film Festival.

"Sanitarium" is set--where else--in a mental institution featuring three stories about three patients with McDowell ("A Clockwork Orange," ask your parents about "Caligula") in the lead.

From the looks of it, the three directors haven't confined themselves to the four walls of their main location for the film, and "Sanitarium" promises a healthy dose of sex and violence that you might come to expect from an anthology about madness.

It's actually a great time for the multi-story horror feature, with "VHS," "The ABCs of Death" and "Chillerama" getting a lot of love on the festival circuit and VOD. Are we still in the first wave of audacious and exciting films like those or are we headed into the realm of the also-rans?*

*I'm not asking just to poke at "Sanitarium" which seems fine enough. That's just the way it is with horror cycles: you get the good stuff up front (typically), then the imitators and cheap copycats.

[Source: The Playlist]

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