Exclusive Interview: Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins on 'Larfleeze'


Larfleeze is one of the most cult-favorite characters of the Green Lantern universe. Now the powerhouse team of Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins are going to bring you the continuing adventures of the Orange Lantern. MTV Geek chatted with the duo about their new book:

Keith Giffen Interview:

GEEK: You've written a number of Green Lantern titles. What's it like working on "Larfleeze"?

KEITH GIFFEN: Like a breath of fresh air. Larfleeze is, at his most basic, a kinda, sorta absurd character. Being able to play up that absurdity while everyone else trawling the DCU else gets so serious and precious about their books / characters... it's liberating.

GEEK: There is a certain comedic aspect to Larfleeze, and you have been known for writing several well-known books with a comedic tone. What can we expect from Larfleeze?

KG: Good, solid stories and a whole plethora of new characters, concepts and environs. Just because a book has a sense of humor, doesn't mean it can't traffic in cosmic spectacle. As for injecting humor into most of my work... they are called COMIC books, you know.

GEEK: Will any of the lother major Lanterns make appearances in this book?

KG: No! No, no, no, no! I'm only taking Larfleeze and his, beset upon, butler Stargrave with me. The rest will all be new. I'm sick of living in the comicbook echo chamber.

GEEK: What is it like working with Scott Kolins on this project?

KG: Scott's a maniac and that's just what I need. Actually, Scott's kind of a rarity in the comics biz these days. On time, knows how to tell a story, outstanding concept design, draws like nobody's business... What's not to love?

GEEK: Can you tease any surprising developments to come in this comic?

KG: Depends. How much is it worth to you? How about six new, cosmic villains in the first twelve months? Stories that actually... gasp... end!? Great art courtesy of a creator at his peak (Sorry, Scott, it's all downhill from here) and stories chock full of sense of wonder from the second crankiest man in comics (Hi, Greg!). Hell... I might even buy it!

Scott Kolins Interview:

GEEK: You've just come off of illustrating the New Guardians annual. What is it like jumping into the world of Green Lantern again?

SCOTT KOLINS: Actually this is very different from GL – it’s Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern – and there’s no one like him. He’s a greedy bastard who could be a villain if he cared to, but fate usually steps in. It’s like giving ultimate power to the Grinch. He’s an outstanding character and we’re gonna make the best DC book in 2013.

GEEK: You're also collaborating again with Keith Giffen. Describe the working process between the two of you.

SK: We both grumble a lot and at the end there are these pages that make us proud. We’re both pros who know what to do – but this does feel like the right time and the right place for something special.

GEEK: Is Larfleeze fun to draw?

SK: Very. He’s a great design with great personality. He’s an alien – but very relatable. I know he’s very popular; I’m just surprised DC waited this long to give him his own book.

GEEK: What else is on the comics horizon for you?

SK: I’ve finished a drawing bunch of Legion of Super-heroes and I’m writing and drawing a 2-part Batman story in Legends of the Dark Knight, plus a few other things you’ll hear about soon.

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