Exclusive Interview: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang on 'Green Lantern Corps'


Soon, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang will embark on a whole new era for "Green Lantern Corps." The two chat with MTV Geek about what we can expect from their run on the title:

Joshua Hale Fialkov Interview

GEEK: What is it like to jump from vampires to aliens?

JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV: I don't really think about my characters that way, to be honest. I want to tell compelling stories that get to the core of who a character is, and, more importantly, how that relates to my own emotional experience. In other words, I'm a selfish jerk. I think a lot of the issues that surround these characters are pretty similar though. With great power, and all of that, so you get to really explore the consequences and long term effects of that.

Also, far less cannibalism.

GEEK: Were you a Green Lantern fan growing up?

FIALKOV: When I was first hired, I went to my storage unit with a couple of friends, to pull out my old GL comics. We searched through the stacks, and then foudn a box. I stared at it and said, "That's not all of them." So we found another box. And another box. So, yeah, it turns out, I was crazy for GL when I was a kid. I always especially loved Corps, so, getting a chance to write it is making eight year old me pretty excited.

GEEK: What Corps members can we expect to see featured in this title?

FIALKOV: I'm partial to a lot of the classic Corps members, but, in the spirit of the amazing, progressive, and universe altering stories told by our predecessors, I'm planning on creating as many new Lanterns as I possibly can. So, you'll get a great mix of old and new.

GEEK: Can you tease any interesting developments fans can look forward to in the issues to come?

FIALKOV: Y'know, I've been trying desperately to hold in my excitement for what this book is about for so long, it's hard not to let things slip out. For me, the thing that really excited me, was that I come from a hard crime background. If you go back and look at my creator owned series, there's always a true crime style backbone to the stories, and, I'm getting the opportunity with GLC to do that very same thing.

GEEK: What's your experience been like working with Bernard Chang?

FIALKOV: Bernard is a genius. And not just in the way that we all say everyone we work with is a genius. He has ideas about storytelling that are lightyears ahead of what the rest of us dumb mooks can ever dream of. He wants to reinvent what is possible in the comics medium, and I couldn't be happier to be along for the ride.


Bernard Chang Interview

GEEK: You've worked on a Green Lantern book before, "Emerald Warriors". What is it like coming back to this world?

BERNARD CHANG: the green lantern universe has a long history of amazing artists and writers, so to be handed the torch, or "ring", is not only an honor, but a tremendous challenge. it will be somewhat different than drawing "Demon Knights" this past year, as I switch gears from horses and swords to spaceships and alien weapons, but I'm definitely excited and ready to step up to the plate.

GEEK: Who is your favorite GL member to draw?

CHANG: There is a huge list of Corps members, but Guy Gardner has always been a favorite character of mine. When I was first showing my portfolio around at conventions looking to break in as a comic book artist, my samples included a story with guy in them. So it will definitely have a personal connection. In addition, Joshua has promised a smorgasbord of new characters, so the intent is that we will also get to put our own stamp in Green Lantern lore.

GEEK: Can you explain the process of collaborating with Joshua?

CHANG: I can coax anything from Joshua with pie... haha. I'm just kidding around. I've been looking for the opportunity to work with Joshua for a while. DC Comics has some of the most passionate and creative writers in the industry, and Joshua is certainly one of the shining stars. we both share an enthusiasm to be innovative with our storytelling, to challenge the readers, and set high expectations for ourselves. It's also a plus that we both live in Los Angeles, so we get to meet in person to discuss each story and direction, we throw ideas back and forth, and then I bring in the pie to seal the deal.

GEEK: What sort of influences are you bringing to this book? From where do you derive your inspiration?

CHANG: There are a few different levels of inspiration and expectations entering a new project. my first thoughts focus on emotional connections. The power of the rings are all derived from emotions, so I'm looking to infuse the same drive in the storytelling. Tempo, pacing. anyone can tell a fast story. I want to tell stories that will make you feel, think, and inspire. Another challenge is design. The storyline takes us to alien worlds and each new setting would require its own unique visual development, their costumes and technologies would need to reflect their own cultures. The Pratt Institute architecture graduate in me forces me to think "out-of-the-box" and look for new solutions and possibilities. And then, it's all about going out there and executing the gameplan.

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