‘Doctor Who’ Convention Gallifrey One In Pictures

The annual fan run Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One is in full swing in Los Angeles, which can only mean one thing: lots and lots of Daleks. Yesterday we brought you some of the best Gallifrey Cosplay, and today our photographer Bryan Gateb was on hand to capture even more Gallifreyan goodness, including what some of your favorite Who actors look like out of make-up:

Sylvester McCoy, The Seventh Doctor
Neve McIntosh, played Alaya, Restac and Madame Vastra
Dan Starkey, played Strax, the Sontaran Commander (most recently in “The Snowmen” episode)
Anjli Mohindra, actress, “Rani Chandra” of The Sarah Jane Adventures”
Finn Jones, actor, “Ser Loras Tyrell” from “Game of Thrones”
Ian McNeice, played Winston Churchill in the episodes, “Victory of the Daleks” and “The Pandorica Opens”
Frances Barber, played Madame Kovarian
Nicholas Briggs, Voice of the Daleks and Cybermen