BBC America Shows Off Their Clone Drama 'Orphan Black' In Stills

If you were hard-up for cash, and someone who looked like you with a bank account filled with $75,000 just up and killed themselves, would you take advantage? Now what if you found out that the person who looked like you was just one of any number of clones?

A month before its U.S. premiere, BBC America gives us a look at the strange case of a girl and her dead clone in thew series "Orphan Black." You can check out some new stills after the jump.

BBC America released 18 stills from their "Anna to the Infinite Power" for the nighttime set which you can see here, but we've highlighted a few of them below, including this first one, featuring Tatiana Maslany who plays plays Sarah:

an outsider and orphan whose life changes dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. Sarah assumes her identity, her boyfriend and her bank account. But instead of solving her problems, the street smart chameleon is thrust headlong into a kaleidoscopic mystery. She makes the dizzying discovery that she and the dead woman are clones… but are they the only ones? Sarah quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy and must race to find answers about who she is and how many others there are just like her.


Michael Mando (Vaas from "Far Cry 3") as Vic:





"Orphan Black" makes its U.S. premiere on BBC America Saturday, March 30 at 9.

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