NBC's 'Hannibal' Will Take A Bite Out Of Thursdays In April


Bryan Fuller's ("Pushing Daisies") origin series for the erudite cannibal will be coming to NBC starting April 4, taking the place of the network's Jekyll and Hyde drama "Do No Harm" in the 10 PM slot. The Hollywood Reporter caught the announcement via Fuller's Twitter feed, along with a picture of the show's Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen ("Casino Royale," "Pusher 2").

The 13-episode drama will put Hannibal against FBI Agent Will Graham, who was played by Scott Glenn in "Silence of the Lambs" with Hugh Dancy ("The Big C") taking over the role here. The series will see Graham enlisting the help of Lecter to stop a serial killer, an encounter which we learn about in both Michael Mann's "Manhunter" and Brett Ratner's "Red Dragon," which will ultimately leave Graham physically and mentally scarred and the brilliant, people-eating shrink behind bars.

According to THR, Laurence Fishburne and Caroline Dhavernas will co-star, with "The X-Files'" Gillian Anderson joining the show for a three-episode arc.

I don't know how the Mikkelsen casting passed me by, but he's quickly become one of my favorite actors in recent years. As Hannibal, he might be a bit icier than Sir Anthony Hopkins was in the same role. Also, I wonder how they'll work with the Danish actor's very pronounced accent (will they call back to the character's Lithuania ancestry as detailed in the terrible "Hannibal Rising?").

[Source: THR]