[Spoilers] The New Sinister Six Is Revealed In This Week’s Episode Of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’

After weeks of teasing, this week’s episode of “Ultimate Spider-Man” will finally reveal the all-new lineup of the Sinister Six. In this week’s episode, titled appropriately enough, “Sinister Six,” the super group of evil is assembled and Spider-Man is trapped with them all alone.

After the jump, see the lineup of baddies dedicated to taking down Spider-Man in this week’s episode.

The Sinister Six is made up of Kraven (Diedrich Bader), Rhino (Daryl Sabara), the Lizard (Dee Bradley Baker), Doctor Octopus (Tom Kenny), Electro (Christopher Daniel Barnes), and the Beetle (Steve Blum). It’s a pretty nice departure/remix of the traditional Sinister Six (which itself has had a rotating lineup) over in the 616 comics, but I can’t help but miss the presence of the Sandman.

“Sinister Six will air Sunday at 11:00 on Disney XD).

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