The Daily Geek: Dale Cooper Does The ‘Harlem Shake,’ Grumpy Cat Cookies, And More

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EKAHS MELRAH! I don’t know what a “Harlem Shake” is, but here’s Kyle MacLachlan doing one in the “Red Room” from “Twin Peaks.”

PRESIDENT JEDI! Topless Robot counts down the geekiest toys based on U.S. presidents. Click here for more.

WHY NO APES? Rupert Wyatt explains why he decided to pass on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”: He said, “I had a take on the sequel which didn’t marry with the Studio’s [take]…”

THEY’RE GOLD, YOU IDIOT! Presented without comment. By Jeremiah Cortez.

R.I.P. W. Watts Biggers, co-creator of “Underdog” has died.

DREAMS HAVE MEANING! This May, Nathan Edmonson and Konstantin Novosadov launch “The Dream Merchant” for Image.

MY AMITYVILLE HORROR! The doc about the real-life child from the “real-life” Amityville haunting is screening in L.A.

TASTES LIKE MISERY! Grumpy Cat cookies!

A PENNY DREADFUL! You can help fund this animated series.

’Til Monday, gang!