The Daily Geek: Dale Cooper Does The 'Harlem Shake,' Grumpy Cat Cookies, And More

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- EKAHS MELRAH! I don't know what a "Harlem Shake" is, but here's Kyle MacLachlan doing one in the "Red Room" from "Twin Peaks."

- PRESIDENT JEDI! Topless Robot counts down the geekiest toys based on U.S. presidents. Click here for more.


- WHY NO APES? Rupert Wyatt explains why he decided to pass on "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes": He said, "I had a take on the sequel which didn’t marry with the Studio’s [take]..."

- THEY'RE GOLD, YOU IDIOT! Presented without comment. By Jeremiah Cortez.


- R.I.P. W. Watts Biggers, co-creator of "Underdog" has died.

- DREAMS HAVE MEANING! This May, Nathan Edmonson and Konstantin Novosadov launch "The Dream Merchant" for Image.


- MY AMITYVILLE HORROR! The doc about the real-life child from the "real-life" Amityville haunting is screening in L.A.

- TASTES LIKE MISERY! Grumpy Cat cookies!


- A PENNY DREADFUL! You can help fund this animated series.

'Til Monday, gang!