My Boyfriend Is a Reindeer - And I'm Santa Claus: New Manga From Viz


A high school girl who finds out she is Santa Claus, an aspiring voice actress at a special seiyuu academy, and an Arabian-nights tale of adventure and trickery are among the latest batch of new manga titles announced by Viz this week. Here's the rundown.


"Magi": Aladdin, Ali Baba, and a genie named Hugo team up to plunder a dungeon filled with jewels in this Arabian-nights themed manga, which originally ran in Shonen Sunday magazine. "Magi" was the ninth most popular series in Japan last year, according to Oricon, and it is up to 14 volumes so far. The anime is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and has been licensed for U.S. release by Aniplex. (August 2013, $9.99)

Sweet Rein

"Sweet Rein": A lonely girl goes for a walk on Christmas day and bumps into a cute boy. Just like in every other shoujo manga, right? Not quite. This time, a rein appears and binds them together, and the boy tells her that she is Santa Claus and she is his master—then he turns into a reindeer. The series, titled "Yoroshiku Master" in Japanese, originally ran in LaLa DX magazine and is three volumes long; the creator is Sakura Tsukuba, whose other series, "Land of the Blindfolded" and "Penguin Revolution," were licensed by CMX. (November 2013, $9.99)

Voice Over

"Voice Over: Seiyuu Academy": Hime dreams of becoming a voice actor, inspired by her idol, Sakura Aoyama, from the anime Lovely Blazer, so she is thrilled when she is accepted at a prestigious voice acting academy. Things go sour, though, when she meets Sakura's son and he puts her down. Being a good shoujo manga heroine, Hime takes this as a challenge and resolves to become a great voice actress. The series, which ran in Hana to Yume (the same magazine that ran "Fruits Basket"), has just ended; the manga-ka is Maki Minami, who is also the creator of "S.A." (October 2013, $9.99)