Toy Fair 2013: What's Todd McFarlane's Dream License?


Even though McFarlane Toys seems like a big company considering its amazing figures from such awesome lines as "The Walking Dead," "Halo," and multiple movies over the years, it really is an independent operation. It can't compete with the huge billion dollar companies like Hasbro and Mattel, and that's something that irks CEO Todd McFarlane. "Every time there's a really big license, they back up the breach truck, they dump the cash. And I can't compete with them." When asked about which license he would work on if he could, McFarlane said that he wishes he could strike a very unique deal with said huge companies. He said, "You are the master license of it, but McFarane gets to make one figure."

Find out which ONE figure he would do, if he had access to the licenses that are currently in the hands of the big boys in our Toy Fair video below:

Watch: Todd McFarlane On His dream Licence

See photos from McFarlane Toys at Toy Fair by clicking the image below:


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