The Daily Geek: Best 'Jeopardy' Contestant Ever, Dinklage Is In 'X-Men', And More

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- LEONARD WINS THE WORLD! Yup, this kid is the coolest "Jeopardy" contestant ever.

- PUCK? Peter Dinklage has joined "X-Men" Days of Future Past"!


- EWAN'S GOOD TO GO! Obi-Wan is ready to strap on the cloak for the new flicks.

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- BREAK OUT THE HAUNTED TURNTABLE! The "Poltergeist" soundtrack is coming to vinyl!


- DEAD YOURSELF! Steven Yeun from "The Walking Dead" used the Dead Yourself app!

- WANT! I need this Luther Strode doll.

- THE CHUBBY CHECKER! The man who popularized The Twist ain't too pleased with this new app that estimates the size of a man's you know what.

- JOHN MCCLAYNE! The "Die Hard" quadrilogy in claymation.

'Til tomorrow, gang!