Todd McFarlane On Rob Liefeld's 'iCons' Script

Last month, Rob Liefeld released several pages from his screenplay "iCons" about the birth of Image Comics, along with a few casting suggestions. In adition to Liefeld's pick of Chris Pine to play him, he suggested Geoffrey Arend as Jim Valentino, Joe Mangeniello as Marc Silvestri, Rob Corddry as Erik Larsen, John Cho as Jim Lee, Richard Jenkins as Larry Marder, Tony Sirico as Tom DeFalco, Dabney Coleman as Terry Stewart, and cracked-out "Fighter"-era Christian Bale as Todd McFarlane.

We caught up with McFarlane at the McFarlane Toys booth during Toy Fair to see what he thought of Liefeld's casting choice and whether Bale would make for a good Todd.

Watch: Todd McFarlane On Rob Liefeld's 'iCons' Script

No comment on McFarlane's disturbingly frequent use of the word "bud" in the script.

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