Toy Fair 2013: Bif Bang Pow's 'Dexter' Toys Are Sure To Please Your Dark Passenger


Ever wanted to have a little "Dark Passenger" from "Dexter" of your own? And by that I totally don't mean, have you ever wanted to secretly live a double life as a regular blood-splatter analyst by day and as a serial murderer of bad guys by night. I mean have you ever, like literally, wanted a little Dark Passenger of your own, that you could play with in the yard, pose on a shelf, or take to the tub? If your answer is yes, then Bif Bang Pow has what needed at this year's Toy Fair. If your answer was yes to the first question, then please seek professional help.

Bif Bang Pow is releasing one of the coolest collectibles for hardcore "Dexter" fans with this very awesome blood slide box, air conditioner, and Dexter action figure set.

The air conditioner is a tin, lunch box-like case that stores both the personalized blood slides and box, and the mini Dexter toy. This is the perfect type of insider piece of ephemera that gets a "Dexter" fan like me jazzed.

A few other new items that Bif Bang Pow revealed was this Blood Spatter Analyst 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure...

...and a wide array of "Dexter" bobbleheads including the brand new Dexter Morgan with Sound, the Dark Passenger, Sgt. Doakes, and others!

Each of these toys will be available in the next few months at Entertainment Earth.