Fans Ignore The Superior A-Wing, Start Real-World 'X-Wing' Kickstarter

The latest in overzealous "Star Wars" fans taking their passions way to far is an $11,000,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund the construction of a rebel X-Wing.

Stating clearly at the end of the campaign that even with engineer Simon Kwan on the team, this is clearly a joke (if the $4 billion stretch goals weren't a hint), the campaign is already close to $200,000 with 47 days to go. Kwan, of lgcldesigns, opens the campaign as a challenge to the recent Death Star Kickstarter, reasoning that if the Empire should get a toehold into the real world, then so too should the Rebel Alliance.

The $11 million budget was based on the initial production costs of "A New Hope" with subsequent stretch goals based on the worldwide take of the original trilogy/Galactic Space Credits. The funds would be used to prototype a X-Wing and train a pilot with planned iPhone and Siri integration, something that would realistically cost somewhere in the billions to actually make possible.

As comedy, I give it a 7/10, as a way to get people to check out Kwan's design company, 10/10.

[Source: CNET via Bonnie Burton]

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