Man Cosplays As 'Slave Leia' In Awesome Replica Outfit

Some time ago, Ryan from Mad Art Lab wrote an opinion piece condemning "Slave Leia" cosplay:

"There is a well known issue with attracting women into nerd culture. Slave Leia is a symptom and a cause. She and her ilk are ubiquitous in any nerdy gathering. Those wearing slave Leia costumes do other women a disservice. They get a lot of attention largely because they’re mostly naked. This means girls uncomfortable wearing less than their normal undergarments in public may feel both pressure to do so if they want acceptance, or unable to gain attention and acceptance and therefore leave the community."

To drive home his message regarding the issue, Ryan declared in a later post that he would be attending Dragon Con this year wearing an actual Slave Leia outfit.

And now he has revealed his costume, dubbing himself "Slave Leo."

Ryan painstakingly created this outfit himself, and has put a lot of thought into its design:

"Slave Leia is a sexual icon. I am not. She is a well constructed collection of forms that succeed at accentuating and flattering the form while tantalizing the viewer with the threat of exposing forbidden bits of flesh. It is, effectively, fetish lingerie. How the hell do I make that masculine without making it either indecent or absurd?"

The results are quite striking, and you can check out a whole bevy of other pics at the Mad Art Lab site.

Via io9, photo by Angela Clayfield

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