Toy Fair 2013: NECA Cancels The Apocalypse With 'Pacific Rim' Toys

At Toy Fair, NECA suited up and stomped some kaiju scum with the help of these Jaeger action figures from the company's new "Pacific Rim" line based on your new favorite movie (you know it's going to be true!).

Watch: NECA Pacific Rim Toys

This fella is called Gipsy Danger, while his red partner goes by the name, Crimson Typhoon, and the silver one is Striker Eureka.

The three Jaegers will ship summer along with a pair of kaiju beasties - which ar being kept under wraps until the movie officialy debuts full-on creature designs, as opposed to the glimpses we saw in that mind-melting trailer.

Is it just me, or do Jaegers sound like stripper nicknames? Just sayin'.

[Source: Pacific Rim Facebook]

Photos by: Michele Crow

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