Ridley Scott To Produce Philip K. Dick's 'The Man In The High Castle' For SyFy


Scott will join "Millennium" producer/"X-Files" writer Frank Spotnitz in bringing Dick's alternate history story to SyFy.

The 1962 novel imagines a world where the Axis forces of Germany, Italy, and Japan defeated the Allies during World War II, allowing the three countries to carve the world up into two spheres of control under the Reich and the Empire. The story is set in America 20 years after the end of the war, where slavery is again legalized, the Jewish people are on the run, and tensions between Germany and Japan are on the rise.

According to the New York Times, Spotnitz and Scott would serve as executive producers on the miniseries for Scott's own Scott Free Productions alongside Headline Pictures, Electric Shepherd Productions and FremantleMedia International. Ridley Scott is also producing the miniseries "Pompeii" based on Robert Harris' novel of the same name after that project stalled out as a feature from director Roman Polanski.

Dick's daughter--and founder of Electric Shepherd productions--Isa Dick-Hackett gave the project her stamp of approval, saying “’The Man in the High Castle’ is one of the most highly regarded and influential novels my father wrote. It’s thrilling to be bringing it to life with such a talented, passionate team, and in a format that can do justice to the full scope of the material.”

The miniseries treatment might be the best way to go for the sprawling material which touches on multiple characters who are both resisting and colluding with the occupation effort. Scott's presence indicates that it might have a little bit of money behind it, meaning it won't be one of the po-faced efforts like the "Dune" miniseries that the network developed at the beginning of the 00's.

[Source: New York Times via iO9]