Toy Fair 2013: Marshmallow Fun Company Unveils New Marshmallow-Firing Weapons

By: Alan M. Danzis

Some people prefer to fire NERF darts at friends and family members - others prefer marshmallows. If you’re in the latter group, you had plenty of new weaponry to be excited about that was announced by the Marshmallow Fun Company at Toy Fair.

There was so much to try out, we narrowed down our three favorites, all of which can shoot up to 30 feet.

The Marshmallow Duel Blaster fires the big sized-marshmallows and can hold 12 at a time. When we tried it out, we were able to use a special phone holder that attaches to the top of the gun (and others) to allow you to use a free accompanying app to see your kill shots, track locations of nearby players, and more.

The Bow and Mallow is for your inner Katniss. There's two colors to choose from and each one holds 12 mini marshmallows and retails for $24.95. The Crossbow (pictured above) can fire six marshmallows before it needs to reload. It also comes in two colors and retails for $33.95.

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