Ten 1960's Batman Toys We Want To See From Mattel!

The news out of Toy Fair that Mattel's MattyCollector brand will be putting out an action figure line based on the 1960s "Batman" TV show made the hearts of geeks everywhere leap in technicolor joy. While a few "cult favorite" figures have been announced (such as the "Surfing Contest" Batman), I want make sure some other awesome characters and situations are also represented. So here's a list of my top ten Batman toys I want to see from this line:

10. The "Siamese Human Knot" Three-Pack

I'm not sure of how this "death trap" -- designed by villain Nora Clavicle -- would work logistically, but it would make a real conversation-starter if placed on one's office desk!

9. "Undercover" Dick Grayson:

And who can forget that nail-biting episode in which Dick donned a leather jacket and narc'ed his classmates? Hey Dick: snitches get stitches!

8. "Alternate" Actor Villain Variations

MattyCollector could produce variants of the main villains such as Riddler and Catwoman, featuring the actors and actresses who took over after the original actor left. To save on money, they could just make new heads: swap out Frank Gorshin with John Astin's mustachioed mug. Easy and collectible!

7. Molly Death Playset

Perhaps the only character to out-and-out die a horrific death in an episode of "Batman," the playset would include a figure of Jill St. John as the ill-fated Riddler henchwoman Molly, the Batcave atomic pile, and "What a way to go-go sad Batman.

6. Aunt Harriet

Aunt Harriet will come with three heads expressing the sweet old lady's many emotions: concerned, confused, and blissfully ignorant. Bloody Mary drink accessory clues collectors in to the story off-screen.

5. "Mayor Pengy" playset

This would re-enact the famous "Hizzoner The Penguin" episode where Penguin runs for mayor against Batman and then tries to kill all of Gotham's kids during Christmas time and then throws up bilious black bile while dressed in his unspeakably dirty long-johns...oh wait.

4. Pussycat

This crooning teenage sidekick to Catwoman, played by real-life chanteuse Lesley Gore, has never gotten her proper due. Act out your own erotic fan-fiction with Mind-Controlled Robin figure.

3. Bruce/Dick  Manly-Man two-pack

Whether gazing at the stars through a telescope, sparring at the gym, slumming at a "Mad Men"-esque dinner party, or running off on a camping adventure, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson have a never-ending variety of manly activities to do when they aren't crime-fighting -- or to lie about when they are crime-fighting or doing some other somesuch thing. Buy along with Aunt Harriet figure.

2. King Tut

Victor Buono in an Egyptian headdress and feather-cape. 'Nuff said.

1. Batman with Bomb Obstacle Course

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb. Comes with ducks, lovers in a boat, and pair of nuns.

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