Toy Fair 2013: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' KRE-O (Video)

At Toy Fair, Hasbro had blocky KRE-O Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and others from "Star Trek Into Darkness" on hand, including villain THE SPECIALIST? They showed off blocky version of the aforementioned characters from the upcoming flick. One of the most intriguing bits of info we got from these killer KRE-O's - aside from the lovely, glowy, effervescent LIGHTTECH on some of the vehicles - is the inclusion of Borg in the new line! Does that mean, the baddies are somehow assimilating themselves into J.J. Abrams' film? Find out in our video tour of the KRE-O booth below!

Watch: Star Trek Into Darkness Toys

As you saw, the answer you were waiting for was a big NO. Hasbro will be including KRE-O toys of some old friends from the expanded "Trek" universe in addition to "Star Trek Into Darkness," like characters from "The Next Generation" and elsewhere.

Check out more info on "Star Trek" KRE-Os here!

Photos by: Michele Crow

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